Thursday, March 29, 2012

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We are thankful that the adoption process is not over, we just attending to a divine interruption. God-willing, we hope to move forward in our adoption process again in 2013.

With a heart full of thankfulness and love,
Chris & Erin Bailey

Monday, February 20, 2012

898 - 1000 Eucharisteo

898. Scripture sent directly to my phone
899. Hope of a life spent with God
900. Praying for our families at internship
901. Becky Doel
902. Women who love The Lord more than anything or anyone else
903. Writing out the words “I don’t know what to do”
904. Having complete confidence that God does
905. Worship
906. Prayers facedown
907. Closing Gmail
908. Asking for accountability
909. Cramming our whole community group in the front room, cozy
910. Rocking sweet Wes
911. Precious children
912. Silently praying for our future family
913. Having confidence that satan is bound and fleeing
914. Listening to Mark Driscoll
915. Praying for boldness of godly men
916. Long hard days of work
917. Lillian naming her poo and blowing kisses goodbye when they get flushed away
918. Making a play-doh family
919. Carson and his trains
920. Alyssa
921. Kids chatter
922. Godly encouragement
923. PJ’s all day (my kind of friend)
924. Cutting out little letters and creating words that are from my heart
925. Hundreds of paper letters waiting to be organized
926. Warm chicken noodle soup and homemade bread
927. Sleeping well
928. Praying for miracles
929. Seeing Chris is a new, fresh way
930. Mom sharing her Khols cash! Yeah!
931. New slippers to share and a new PJ’s
932. Rain, rain, rain and being warm inside
933. Praying for Lillian, protection over her innocent heart
934. Praying for wisdom and confidence for Lillian in this fallen world
935. My whole body covered in goosebumps
936. Awe
937. How great is our God!!!!
938. Community group
939. Lillian’s new word … “Why?”
940. Fresh blueberries
941. Friendly text messages from Tamara
942. 5:45am aerobics
943. Monday craft days … so special for Mommys and kids
944. Prayers from so many friends
945. Giving words to the secrets in my heart
946. Tears
947. One step forward
948. More tears
949. Prayers
950. Beach house! Free! Beautiful!
951. Porsche ride thru Mcminville
952. Rolling hills, vineyards … deep breathe … beautiful!
953. Going to bed early, sleeping in, lazy mornings
954. Real deals at outlet mall
955. Breakfast overlooking the beach
956. Crashing waves
957. Creation
958. A warm hand to hold
959. Praising God for 8 years
960. His list
961. Ride home in fog and drips of water
962. Stocked fridge from Mom and warm soup on the stove
963. Valentines hearts and tinkerbell
964. Lillian’s hair messy in her face
965. Feeding Elmo
966. Parents who watch Lillian all weekend
967. Good friends
968. Real Marriage teachings
969. Blue sky, dry grass … so much fun time outside
970. The Gospel of Matthew
971. Chris’ real heart
972. Vulnerability
973. Learning so much at internship
974. Kind words from aunt Joan
975. Spring buds of the trees
976. Excitement for our garden
977. Lillian saying, “Smuggle me Mama.”
978. Smuggles, and smuggles and more smuggles … inhaling her in
979. Lots and lots of Valentines
980. Glitter, heart shapes, glue, stickers
981. Making the bed over Lillian
982. Lillian waking up in the middle of the night with wet sheets and calling for help. Chris getting up and changing everything. I slept thru it … Didn’t know until the next morning when I woke up.
983. Praying about what God wants after graduation
984. Graduation! Really! After 6 years of school I don’t know what to think
985. Trisha’s thankful list
986. Mom’s NEW car!
987. Thrilled! So excited for her. Red! Flashy! Economical! And her first words, “Safe for Lillian and good for loading up the wheelchair.”
988. People who think less of themselves and more of others
989. Dad’s encouragement
990. Hospice, knowing the end is near and finding hope is a much better place!
991. Lillian’s sick day and having an unexpected morning together
992. Good health
993. Knowing marriage is our priority
994. Extra help on my clinical portfolio
995. Stillness
996. Grace
997. Love
998. Lillian Mable

999. My hubby

1000. Jesus!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

798 - 897 Eucharisteo

798. Having a friend to cry with all day
799. Sitting still
800. Facing my greatest fears with love
801. The Holy Spirit bursting in my chest, so alive, demanding my attention
802. Meeting the women at the well
803. Compassion
804. Love
805. Christmas break
806. Physically working out, strengthening my muscles
807. Strengthening my spiritual muscles with prayer
808. Crazy Love by Francis Chan
809. Finger paint
810. Layer of colors, touches, learning opportunities, history = beauty
811. Love
812. Accountability from Kellie
813. Mom who encourages self care and sleep, once a Mom, always a Mom
814. Perfect frost
815. Being still and watching tiny snowflakes fall
816. Repenting for the pace my life and often neglecting the beauty out my front door
817. Committing to pressing the pause button more often
818. Excitement to see little bro and Trisha
819. Big brother who works so hard with a positive spirit
820. Losing her favorite toy and using it as a creative teaching time for Lillian
821. Hubby who makes a special trip to pick up Lillian’s lost treasure
822. Unexpected meetings
823. Feeling peace about our adoption
824. Love
825. Christmas cookies everywhere
826. Encouragement from Kelsey
827. Fondue and board games with little brother
828. Curry night with the Metsons
829. Christmas Eve service
830. Candle light
831. Nicole
832. Baby Jesus on a popsicle stick
833. The opportunity to serve Tiny Timbers
834. Snuggling sad babes, chasing the boys, gluing puff balls, marching in a circle, singing
835. Four trips to the potty making a chu-chu train of kidos holding hands
836. Gusts of wind pounding the house and blasting the trees, feeling safe inside
837. A new bright purple jacket. Absolutely love it!
838. Going out to lunch by myself (this might be the first time ever)
839. People watching and dipping bread into my savory soup
840. Ease dropping on a conversation between mother and teenage daughter
841. Praying for Lillian’s teenage years
842. Burning the Christmas log
843. Sharing about Open House
844. Lillian snuggling with Great Aunt Barb
845. Stuffed
846. Spontaneous “Twinkle Twinkle” songs
847. Bubble bath, Lillian making sure I will let her get back into the bathtub if she leaves to poop
848. Trying to communicate to a two-year-old (who treasures her bathtime) that she really should be sitting on the potty to avoid any floaters
849. Neighbors who watch over our home when we are gone
850. Hubby who is working hard
851. Hubby who asks me the tough question and allows me to respond
852. Hugs
853. Texts from Debra
854. 20 min nap
855. Smooth flights
856. Looking out the airplane window and marveling at God
857. Warm homes
858. Hugs from family we have missed
859. Ruth glowing
860. Tinkerbelle costume
861. Advice nurses
862. Ability to assess situations and make informed decisions
863. Abundance of towels to catch the 6 vomit episodes (none on me!!!)
864. Being in a home when Lillian faints, not a public place or car
865. Family who supports and helps clean puke
866. Everyone is sick and I didn’t catch the bug
867. TAM!!! Where are you?
868. Lillian stating to Oma and Opa, “No, pee-pee in your pants. Pee-pee in the potty, K?”
869. New extra sharp knives! Yipee!
870. Generosity
871. The Holy Spirit
872. Grandpa Glen’s presence
873. Love
874. Asking questions
875. Stimulating conversation
876. Pushing Ruth around the neighborhood
877. Pink stools with green polka dots
878. Apples to Apples = laughter
879. 79 years old, played 12 rounds of dominoes, and WON!
880. Typing my thankful list and Lillian coming over to offer me to coffee
881. Taking a big sip of the most delicious imaginary coffee ever
882. Princess crowns, wands, glitter, silver slippers, wings, layers of dresses
883. Contagious laughter
884. Ducks won!
885. Spontaneous twinkle-twinkle songs in cars, restaurants, planes, grocery stores
886. Lillian asking for “Jesus children white and black” song
887. Clean dog
888. Surprise date night
889. Kellie making time for me despite her busy day
890. Surprise coffee date with Mom
891. Warm cinnamon roles
892. New, sharp knives
893. Reading Holy God together
894. Trusting God more
895. Chats with Anna
896. Humility over spelling the work ‘principals’ wrong in my entire paper
897. Compassionate supervisors

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Proverbs 3:5
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
6 Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.

Psalms 62:7
7 My victory and honor come from God alone.
He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.

Mark 10:27
27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31
31 So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

It’s so easy to read these versus and understand from scripture that God has a very distinct purpose and plans for each and every one of us…’s just… sometimes hard to swallow. Especially when they aren’t the plans that you had. Friends, my prayer is that we can truly experience what God has vested out for our family. There is incredible things happening day in and day out for us in that NONE of which would be possible without constant prayer from family and friends. So THANK YOU. Your prayers are all that’s left of a once brilliant bouquet of earthly hopes and dreams…now shattered by reality, fear, and desire. Our plans for adoption have been ‘interrupted.’ As hard as it is to swallow and sit here and describe the painful facts of the matter, I humbly quiver in prayerful belief and trust that GOD is SO much bigger than the hopes and dreams that we make up. And He desperately seeks out a way to get through to me, telling me just that “11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I KNOW this….I’ve heard it millions of times but my faith seems weak as my family mourns the sudden bereavement of an adoption process that’s swept out from under us like a gust of wind that snares that finalized document from the tips of your fingertips just as you were about to hand deliver it….only to fall in the puddle….soaking, drenching and stained.
I CAN move on with happiness….content and trust. How...why? Because I believe in Jesus Christ…..I believe that God can work through me and my family and conquer ANY animosity that soaks into the cracks of our lives. I believe and know deep within my heart of hearts that someday, maybe not now….maybe not even in ten years….but someday God will deliver a beautiful child into our lives and we will be SO blessed...beyond comprehension and the joy will pour through our spirits filling our heart, our home, and our lives with love.
Or maybe not. And I’m ok with that friends. I’m here for God and I want God to use me….wait, let me rephrase that…I hope with EVERY beating vessel in my heart that God will use me for his greater plan that he has for me. And that makes me smile.
I just wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for it was through all your financial support, prayers, and constant fellowship that we were able to be blessed with the opportunity to enter the adoption process. And it’s through Gods grace that we now have to wait for another time to possibly adopt a child. So THANK you so much from the bottom of my heart. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. God bless you all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

718-799 Eucharisteo

718. Massive leaf blower that looks like something off a cheesy 90’s action movie
719. Shaven legs
720. Jesus Calling
721. The salvation message shared
722. Assuming a sinners position
723. Lillian caring for her baby dolls
724. Failed attempt to see Christmas lights
725. Getting lost, laughing
726. Peacock Lane closed, laughing again
727. Gladstone lights closed, laughing even harder
728. Two hours later, no lights, thankful to be home, still laughing
729. Hubby’s afternoon call to check on my day
730. You Tubes of Mark Gungor
731. Cracking up with my hubby
732. Beauty and the Beast
733. Pumpkin ice cream
734. Jesus birthday party
735. Enjoying my food processor
736. Trisha’s thankful list via text every night, adding millions to my own list
737. God’s faithfulness
738. Dreaming about adoption someday
739. Encouraged by the story of Rebekah
740. Good friends at #14 on waiting list for siblings
741. Real joy
742. Sitting down to add to my thankful list and wondering where to begin, I have so many things I am completely perplexed at what to list first
743. Hubby’s heart
744. Humility
745. God’s answered prayers
746. Lillian asking for a tail like Ariel, frowning at her legs
747. Lillian pretending to flip her legs like a tail while floating in the tub, precious smile
748. Get out of debt plan
749. Finanial advisors who pray
750. 2 hour men’s Bible studies
751. Wisdom from Kellie
752. Wisdom from counselors
753. Prayers in the dark on the bathroom floor
754. Husband perusing at the right time and giving space at the right time
755. Flexibility
756. Feeling rested
757. Christmas cookies, living with 2 cookie monsters
758. Lillian devouring her broccoli for a cookie
759. God’s steady hand guiding me
760. Be convicted to search out the forgotten and needy; spending less time focused on myself
761. Having a renewed courage to adopt
762. Dreams changed, but not forgotten
763. Making a second attempt to drive around and look at Christmas lights as a family: Success!
764. Cool crisp days
765. Oil change in my car!
766. Lillian’s sweet curls, soft and delicate
767. Laughter
768. Tears
769. Special memories with the counseling interns
770. Hearing our stories of meeting our mates
771. Trusting in God’s promises
772. Going to bed early
773. 8am aerobics
774. Lillian making monkey sounds, wearing bunny ears, and a kitty tail taped to her back
775. Petting my monkey-bunny-kitty and listening to her oohhh-ahhh-hop-hop-meow-purrr
776. Tate giving hugs, without arms
777. Being a mom
778. Sydney’s princess birthday party
779. Pink drinks, special lunch, birthday songs = so many smiles
780. Lillian making new friends quickly
781. The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner
782. Praying for my adoption dreams
783. Quiet afternoons
784. Fog the never lifts
785. Precious Christmas cards to enjoy and post on my window
786. Going back to bed
787. Night church
788. Finding a lost toy behind the couch. Lillian playing with it all day.
789. Jesus breaking every social boundary to reach us
790. Living water
791. Personalizing my faith
792. Stopping the settling
793. Being called out
794. Experiencing God’s love
795. Being forever changed
796. New slippers
797. Mom
798. Monday afternoon craft times
799. Faithful friends

Thursday, December 1, 2011

622-717 Eucharisteo

622. Lillian’s warm cheek against mine
623. Being real in Bible study
624. Trusted friends
625. Learning about faithfulness
626. Valuing faithfulness
627. In awe of God’s faithfulness
628. Playing in beans with measuring spoons
629. Excitement for Wes
630. Poop in the potty!!!
631. Pee on the floor = super clean floors
632. Hubby taking Lilly to store to pick out a new potty
633. Princess PJ’s
634. 70’s style hanging lights
635. Date night on NW 23rd
636. Nestled in a scarf, wind at my back, crunchy leaves plastering the sidewalk, hubby at my side
637. Ganache
638. Writing a “bucket list” for hubby
639. Admiring his aspirations
640. Counseling
641. Finding my voice
642. Help
643. Holy Spirit
644. Answered prayers
645. New headlight, so bright
646. Part II of Clinical Portfolio DONE!
647. More licks from Lillian
648. Playing naptime, Lillian tucking me in with her blankey, princess pillow under my head, being instructed to close my eyes, Shhhhhh …..
649. 10 seconds of rest
650. “Morning Mama” with a glowing smile
651. One more time please ….
652. George Fox library
653. Learning so much about counseling, having so much more to learn
654. New jobs!!!
655. Giving a 2-wee notice. Steady faithfulness.
656. Celebratory biscotti
657. Unplanned dinner with friends
658. Chocolate rice crispy treats
659. Praying for wisdom in parenting
660. Lillian snoring at night
661. Guys bundled up, working on the tree fort all day
662. Watching their frosty breath from inside my cozy kitchen window
664. Costco sale!
665. Excited for new recipes
666. Finger painting
667. Wearing matching boots with Mom
668. Christmas plane tickets to Boise
669. Our house lit up like a gingerbread house
670. Generous Opa and Opa
671. Sleeping soundly for the last 2 weeks
672. Hubby understanding me
673. Painting Lillian’s fingernails and toenails bright red
674. Watching her walk around for the next hour with fingers spread, careful not to smudge. Adorable.
675. Quiet Thanksgiving morning together
676. Raking leaves
677. Making a new carrot, ginger salad and listening to Lillian and Chris giggle on the couch
678. So much to be thankful for
679. Sitting around the table with my family
680. Lillian somersaulting off the couch for 45 minutes with auntie Nicole
681. Tuberware filled with leftovers
682. So, so, so much to be thankful for
683. Potty trained!!! No accidents this week
684. Walking around and around, looking for just the right one
685. Finding it … getting Lillian’s approval
686. Hubby who brings power tools to Christmas tree farms
687. Worker who offers Lillian a free ornament
688. Clear, blue sky
689. Twinkling lights
690. Pink flamingo ornament with special significance
691. Simultaneously feeling mournful and hopeful
692. Lillian gently studding each ornament, enamored
693. Nails that hang on branches below reminding us of the reason for the season
694. Zoo lights! You gotta go.
695. Smiles. Wide. Real. Contagious. Daddy’s girl all the way.
696. Excitement for elephants, tigers, monkeys, snakes, and fish
697. Spurring one another on
698. Irritating one another on
699. AJ and Lillian chasing in circles, squealing, giggles, faster, faster
700. Preparing dinner with background music of Lillian and her daddy’s laughter
701. Stairs
702. Spending a Monday without leaving the home, after a four day weekend, and loving being at home
703. Challenges in counseling
704. Connection
705. Sincerity
706. Power and wisdom, what a team!
707. Speaking “builder, merchant, innovator” language
708. Appreciating my hubby
709. Admiring my hubby
710. So, so proud of my hubby
711. Thanking God for my hubby
712. Walk with ladies through the park
713. Vulnerable men
714. Precious Wes in my arms
715. Visiting a new mama and finding myself crying
716. Healthy babies in families who cherish them
717. Faith

Thursday, November 10, 2011

538 - 621 Eucharisteo

538. My little girl in Ariel PJ’s, Dollar store necklaces, sparkly shoes, and knit hat, and a smile a mile wide, so so precious
539. Daddy who walks her around the neighborhood
540. Julie
541. Stuffing Lillian into the car seat, costume and all
542. Driving home with the windows down so she does not faint
543. Lillian bringing joy to other cars at a red light
544. Trying to find a creative way to get Lillian out of the Pooh costume for nap time
545. The cutest tantrum, holding back my laughter
546. Loving that my girl expresses her will and desires
547. Mom who brings dinner, candy and costume for Halloween. All I did was provide the granddaughter
548. Pooh bear
549. Good chats and laughs
550. Hubby who wears a women’s wig
551. CVI
552. Taking time to understand my hubby
553. Hubby taking time to understand me
554. Valuing wisdom
555. Embracing power
556. Tears
557. Clear blue sky
558. Crisp fall leaves
559. Crunchy carrots
560. Miracles at Open House Ministries
561. Reunited families
562. Prayers
563. Proverbs
564. Proverbs, again
565. Looking out my window and seeing chicken peck the ground
566. Fred Meyer Playland
567. 3 pans of warm quiche
568. Quite house, soft sound of dishwasher
569. Sick hubby who went to bed at 830. That’s 10 hours of sleep for me too!
570. Clean sheet
571. Smooth legs
572. Lillian screaming “big girl panties”
573. Looking out at all the leaves on the trees, so thankful they are still there, rather than on the ground, knowing soon I will be raking, and raking, and raking ….
574. Lillian who devours snuggle time with her sick Daddy
575. Tears filling my eyes during worship
576. Knowing I need God more then I need my next breathe
577. Crying out, hands raised
578. Feelings loved between my parents
579. Mother who leads by taking responsibility and asking for forgiveness
580. Praying I can be as brave as her
581. Real confessions
582. Hoping I can confess to Lillian and ask for forgiveness when needed
583. Growing deeper
584. Worshipping with Sis
585. Tender touch on my arm
586. Strengthened
587. Coming alone, embraced with company, connected
588. Knowing she knows
589. Learning about courage
590. Remembering the most common command: Do not have fear
591. Praying for courage
592. Praying harder for courage
593. Numbers
594. Being encouraged by Trisha
595. Marveling at God’s provision
596. Pumpkin muffins
597. Making paper plate turkeys
598. Lillian’s hands covered in paint … creativity!
599. Five little girls running around the house
600. High pitched girl giggles
601. Hubby’s prayers
602. Vanilla soy candles
603. Hubby’s thoughtful voicemail
604. Learning so much in school
605. Monday night with my girls from highschool
606. Admiring beautiful children
607. Challenges from cherished friends
608. Planning a date night
609. Being stretched further then I ever thought possible
610. Lillian’s stubborn spirit
611. Going all day without going potty
612. Then … poo on the potty!!!!
613. Doing a crazy mama poo-poo dance
614. Laughing as I type this because I am so thankful for poo. Again, being stretched further then I ever thought
615. So thankful to be a Mom
616. Porsche club
617. Encouraging blogs
618. November’s Adoption Awareness month
619. Cousins reaching out for a hug
620. James wearing pink cowgirl boots and Lillian's jacket
621. Thinking about Derek, laughing, his boy in girl boots. Opps!Sorry, but not really.